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  • We are excited to announce that on April 29, 2019, we opened our doors at our new Wroclaw location in more spacious and cozy surroundings. It is a new custom remodeled office space in the heart of downtown Wroclaw, right next to the vibrant Grunwaldzki Square. The new office space is located at ul. Szczytnicka 9, 50-382 Wroclaw. Our new office space will benefit both existing and future Codea team-members and clients in the Wroclaw region and beyond. All will receive the same high quality services they expect. This expand brings Codea much more convenient central location for customers traveling through the region and get closer touch with software development services.

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R&D Team?


Codea will help you grow your Eastern Europe R&D ressources in a professionally managed way. Our top managers have been collecting knowledge, experience and nearshore/offshore best practices for last 10 years. Thanks to that, we know exactly what to do in order to make the collaboration and your projects successful.

Our approach covers (but is not limited to):

1. Agreement on a high-level plan that fits your needs, your business profile and organization.

2. Elaboration with your assistance of the needed SW engineering profiles and capacity.

3. Advise on organization and communication structure for optimal near-shore/off-shore results.

4. Driving the hiring process, involving you in interviews with pre-qualified candidates only. You will be the one to make the final choice.

5. Equipping your team with necessary tools and enabling them for an efficient delivery, supervised by your R&D managers.

6. Assistance with all upcoming events, changes and issues, including tailoring the team to your changing needs. We will also monitor constantly your satisfaction.

to hire

We will help. We will find the right match within convenient time and budget.

By suitable means of communication we will elaborate with you the profiles you need and the timing of engagements. Basing on this data we will either offer & deliver consultant from our own ressources set or we will offer a consultant from associated partners' network.

We see a consultants delivery model as a great starting point for a broader engagement. Over such small cooperation you will get a hands-on experience on working with us. You will also see&feel the benefits we deliver.


We aim at long term cooperation as we believe it brings the best benefits to our customers. We do realize that only true partners qualify for this kind of cooperation. Therefore we constantly utilize our extensive knowledge and experience on engineering staff management for:

- retaining the talents,

- tailoring the engineering capacity,

- tailoring the technical profile of teams,

all for your evolving R&D needs.

Poland is the world's hot-spot for software engineering talents. Thanks to our education system with strong maths and physics Poles are almost always in top three positions in world's most famous programming competitions like: Google's Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Facebook Hackers Cup and TopCoders. Poland has been ranked as no. 3 in ranking of HackerRank.

Following that many international corporations like Google, Facebook, IBM, HP have placed here their R&D centers for gathering value of talented polish engineers. In addition Poland is part of European Union and is culturally very close to all Western Nations including not only Europe but also the United States and Canada. It is also conveniently located in the center of Europe allowing easy access by car or by plane and the younger generation of Poles speaks English very well. In addition Poles by nature respect confidentiality of information and in additon held by EU's law system guarantees safety of your business and information.

Poland has also plenty of Technical Universities with Computer Science being a very popular subject for students as they claim by colleagues' experience – this major offers country's best career opportunities!!

Coda has it's HQ in Wroclaw, a major city in South-West of Poland. We have chosen Wroclaw because it is a city of high technical potential, not-overheated by corporations, with 6 Universities that 'produce' meaningful amount of talented software engineers every year. In addition a location with 3 airports within an hour drive, direct highway to Germany make it convenient to reach location. We have one of Poland's biggest R&D spots in Poland – Wroclaw – nearby makes it additionally easier to scale with further, new offices.

We are truly glad to combine the value of polish programming skills with our full-service offering. We are confident that this offering will enable you to succeed even more.

/ Our work is focused on
delivering engineers in 4
technology domains:


Embedded Systems development is increasingly winning on importance as many simple devices become smart devices.
In this domain we are proud to offer engineering teams for firmware development, OS-level development, drivers development as well as embedded algorithm, embedded applications and GUI development.

Linux (various distributions, embedded ones), FreeRTOS, VxWorks, embedded Android, native Android, Windows Embedded,
C/C++, Qt, embedded Java, bash, Perl


This domain covers development of web applications, client-server applications, stand-alone applications as well as modern Cloud-based services and applications.
In this domain we offer engineering teams for products development as well as for company's infrastructure systems development.

Linux, Windows,
Java, Python, C++, Jython, Scala, Pearl, HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP, XML, C#, .NET, Azure, AWS, React, Bootstrap, CSS, Symphony, Angular mySQL, MS SQL Server, NodeJS, Microservices, mongoDB, Angular, Bash, GoogleCloud, .NET, .NET Core, Xaml, PostgreSQL.

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Big Data.


Nowadays virtually every business and product needs a mobile app as a part of it's extended product offering and/or customer service experience. Therefore we offer one-stop shop for companies that need to develop apps for all popular mobile platforms. You can either extend your teams with our engineers or let us develop ready-made applications for you!

Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Tizen
Java, Objective-C, C++, C, HTML 5, Flutter, Ionic, Kotlin, Swift, Xamarin.

we are
/ Your success is the only
measurement of our success.

We are a young, dilligent and dynamic small company, employing talented engineers that are led by managers with more than 10 years of professional experience in the Software Industry.

Codea is a company that offers software engineering services delivered from Poland – world's hot-spot of software engineering talents.

Our highest ambition is to build a center of competence that:

# offers best-in-class R&D services for innovative technology companies that need to scale their development ressources,

# hires&retains the brightest software engineers on the market by offering unique high-tech culture, cutting-edge technology know-how, great working atmosphere&environment, career opportunities and competetive renumeration,

# promote polish talent in Software Industry, globally,

# participate in development of future products, and great products,

# adopts state-of-the-art methods, tools and techniques for effective software development

# brings our customers to success defined by them – either to world leadership positions in the industries and product areas they aim at or just to give them 'space to breathe' by ensuring stable, scalable, cost-effective and efficient R&D organization,

We believe we are an 'unicorn' of Softwafe Engineering Services companies from the region, because:

# we hire top talents

# we tap them into company's high-profile technical community

# we are led by managers that have made amazing careers in the Software Services business worldwide

# we use proven methods and processes but we're continuously challenging those with newest findings and thus evolving them

# we ensure highest level of confidentiality (also according to standards as ISO 28001 family)

# we are growing successfully and we don't follow faster growth in order to keep and maintain the high-end standards in all hires and and processes.


Codea sp. z o.o.

Green Day

ul. Szczytnicka 9

50-382 Wroclaw

Business Office:

International House

64 Nile Street


N1 7SR

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